Chemical Engineering


The aim is to train engineers able to design, operate, improve, manage or commercialize eco-industries (water, air, waste treatmen) or processes for various industrial sectors (specialised chemical, petrochemical, agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, specialised materials industries) while considering environmental and energy criteria (eco-processes).

These energies use raw materialsand energy and produce waste. They transform solid, liquid and gas raw materials and use the same operations (transport and heating of fluids, mixing, chemical reactions, distillatio, filtering, drying...

Process engineering brings together the basic notions required to design, exploit and optimise the chemical or biological transformation of matter and energy.

An INSA process engineer knows how to use these tools to apply them to eco-processes and eco-industries. He is an environmental manager who knows how to choose the means of production for matter and energy which are economical and the least polluting (clean technolgies). He is also able to treat all forms of pollution associated with processes.


Strands in Year 5:

  • Eco-processes (design and functioning of clean products and processes)
  • Eco-industries (pollution treatment processes)


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