Systems engineering


The degree deals with the developement of complex technological systems. Systems Engineering raises new issues that are mainly due to complexity : constraining environment (provided functionalities and required constraints), high level of multi-disciplinary integration, decentralization of design and production, consideration of the whole product life including human factors.



The new course provides wide-ranging expertise, based on the complementarity of :

  • generic knowledge dedicated to systems that are relevant to methodologies and management
  • multi-domain scientific and technical knowledge related to mechanical, electrical, industrial and software engineering
  • practical knowledge and know-how about the main sectors of industry, acquired by projects and experience feedback
  • ability to include the human dimension in engineering.



The course is fully given in English. Starting with 30 students, it is planned to reach in 4 years an intake of 48, including 50 % foreigners. The course starting in the fourth year of engineering studies is proposed to INSA students from three pre-strands :

Foreign students having already a bachelor degree in Electrical, Informatics or Mechanical engineering are also invited to apply for direct admission in the SE course.


Relationship with industrial needs

The course structure will meet industrial needs for chartered engineers to be able to act as interfaces between financial managers and technical specialists. It focuses on multi-technologies systems that combine data and power transmission, as they can be found in the fields of transport or production industry.

Typical examples are given below :

  • Automotive : vehicle, power train, road handling…
  • Aerospace : aircraft, flight control, electric and hydraulic power generation and distribution…satellite, communications, attitude control…
  • Production : production lines, fully integrated factories
  • Others: medical applications, energy systems, telecommunications.

This engineering degree also contributes to the competitive cluster "Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems" recently created in Toulouse.



Students can prepare the French research master degree in parallel with their engineering studies in Systems Engineering, as some courses can be validated in the master curricula. The research master can be prepared in the frame of different schools of doctoral studies like :


- Mechanics, materials and structures

- Aeronautics and Aerospace

- Electrical and Electronic engineering and telecommunications

- Systems


PhD studies can be welcomed by laboratories located at - or near - INSA such as :

  • the Laboratory of Technology and Engineering Systems of Toulouse (LATTIS),
  • the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory of Toulouse (LGMT), team System Approach in Mechanical Design,
  • the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS) of the CNRS.


Carrer opportunities

The profile of INSA Systems Engineering graduates will be attractive both to equipment suppliers and integrators. The numerous industrial relationships developed for years by the current project promoters definitely arose the interest of the following companies :

  • Groups : Airbus, Eurocopter, Astrium, Snecma, Liebherr, Thales, PSA, Renault, Labinal, Zodiac.
  • Suppliers : Valeo, Bosch, Borg Warner, Delphy, Eaton, Siemens, , Motorola, Thomson, Parker.


Consult programme of course

Jean-Charles MARE

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Gilles MOTET

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