Foreign students can study at INSA thanks to various programmes :


Regular Engineering Curriculum :

Foreign candidates who would like to apply to INSA Toulouse should meet the INSA network requirements.

Application rules, information about fees and tuition can be found on the web site common to the 5 INSAs.

Application deadline : April 1st for foreign students, April 15th for students having obtained the French Baccalauréat.



 Service Commun des Admissions.


International sections :


Norginsa Programme with Norway :

Application through the INSAs common admission office :


Asinsa Programme with Asia :

Application through the INSAs common admission office :


Master for Bachelors Programme :

Application through the n+i network :


Partner universities :

Studying at INSA Toulouse in the framework of Socrates/Erasmus or Bilateral Agreements : information and application through the DRI, the International Office of INSA Toulouse. 



International Office of INSA Toulouse