Biochemical engineering


Since 1969, INSA has been training biochemical engineers, able to master the methodologies and processes related to the biological conversion of matter.


They can therefore :

  • design and improve new processes
  • design and develop new biocatalysts (enzymes, microorganisms) for industry
  • calculate biological reactors and extraction-purification operations.


The Department of Biochemical Engineering thereby provides the future engineers with a dual culture in Life Sciences and Engineering Sciences.

Traditionally, the Department's strategy has been to ensure coherence in its missions of teaching, research and technology transfer. It has formed an original «technological system» integrating:


The yearly intake is 48 students composed of two-thirds who have completed the pre-specialization Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering at INSA, and one third who have completed other university courses.

Graduates mastering the concepts of Life Sciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Enzymology...) and of Engineering Sciences (Process engineering, Biochemical engineering...) work particularly in the fields of health, agri-food and environmental industries, in production, optimising bio-industrial processes and in research.


Strands in Year 5:

Industrial microbiology, Bioprocesses, Biocatalysis and Bioconversion, Bioseparation, Post-genomics, Biomolecular engineering.

the engineering degree course.


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