Physics engineering


The aim of this specialization, oriented towards Nanotechnologies, Components and Instrumentation, is to train «multi-competence» engineers able to tackle the complexity of the technological challenges set by the fast evolving high-tech industries.

Physics engineers work in research and development, management, production, quality…, in a variety of sectors (automobile industry, aerospace, telecommunications, electronics…).


Course of studies

 The design of our course, the choice of subjects and their evolution are strongly influenced by our close contacts with industry and research.


The fundamental and technological aspects can be seen in the courses on : 

  • general physics, physics of matter, mechanical and physical properties of materials
  • modern physics (semiconductors, lasers, superconductors...)
  • engineering techniques (electronics, instrumentation, signal acquisition and processing, informatics, automatic control...)


Considerable emphasis is given to practical work (Praticals, Multidisciplinary Project, Placements) and to the mastering of industrial and laboratory techniques.


Strands in Year 5:

Industrial instrumentation and components, Microsystemes-microtechnologies.


For more information :

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