Research Masters

A number of higher education establishments in Toulouse and the Midi-Pyrenees have come together to develop a coherent policy regarding Master degree courses for the region.


INSA offers Research Masters in the following three fields :

  • Information and Systems Modelling : Mathematics and applications – Informatics - Electronics, Electrotechniques, Automatic Control and Systems
  • Matter and Energy Sciences and Techniques : Civil engineering, Mechanical and structural engineering - Fluid Mechanics, Energetics and processes - Physics
  • Life and Health Sciences : Agrobiosciences.


Domain : Information and Systems Modelling



Specialities (P/R)

INSA Coordinator

Mathematics and applications

Applied Mathematics

J.P. VILA, Jean-Paul.Vila @


Networks, Telecommunications, Systems and Architecture

C.CHASSOT, Christophe.Chassot @

Electronics, Electrotechnique, Automatic Control and Systems

Materials for electronics and Plasma engineering

J.C. PORTAL, Portal @


Circuit components, Microelectronics, Microsystems

J.Y. FOURNIOLS, Jean-Yves.Fourniols @


Automatic, Informatic and Decisional Systems, (SAID)

G. GARCIA, Germain.Garcia @


MIcro and NAno technologies for COMmunications

J-Y. FOURNIOLS, jean-yves.fourniols @ (Parcours CCMM)

J-C. PORTAL, jean-claude.portal @ (Parcours MTNE)


Domain : Matter and Energy Sciences and Techniques



Specialities (P/R)

INSA Coordinator

Civil engineering, Mechanical and Structural engineering

Mechanical engineering

M. SARTOR, Marc.Sartor @


Civil engineering, Materials, Structures

J.P. OLLIVIER, Jean-Pierre.Ollivier @


Fluid mechanics, Energetics and Processes

Processes engineering and the Environment

A. LINÉ, Alain.Line @


Fluid dynamics, Energetics and Transfer

S. COLIN, Stephane.Colin @



X. MARIE, Xavier.Marie @


Physics of Matter

T. AMAND, Thierry.Amand @


Domain : Life and health sciences



Specialities (P/R)

INSA Coordinator


Industrial Microbiology & Biocatalysis

C. MARANGES, Claude.Maranges @  


Agrofood Chain (Master Européen)

S. GUILLOUET, (Stéphane.GStephane.Guillouet @