International Masters of Science

INSA is offering high quality International Masters of Science programmes for non-French speaking students. During the first year of the 2-year long program, most courses are taught in English.  You will experience French culture and prepare for Research & Development carrear at international level.

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International Master in Electronics for Embedded Systems


Web site of the International Master "Electronic systems for embedded and communicating applications"


International Master program in “Risk engineering”

The objective of this program is to offer courses in English dealing with generic aspects of risk management including concepts of risk as well as risk analysis (identification and estimation), treatment, communication and management systems. The second part deals with applications in specific domains: process safety, dependability of computing systems, toxicological risks for human health and environment, natural and technological risks for construction, risk associated with electromagnetic fields and electricity. This second part does not require deep knowledge of each domain as an introduction to useful skills will be supplied. A large part of the lectures is provided by professionals.

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Contact :  Prof. Gilles Motet gilles.motet @

Web site : Risk Engineering Web Site


In addition to academic level, admission to INSA Graduate School is granted based on an entrance examination, diplomas, academic record and possible interview.

To apply to one of our international Masters degrees, you need to :

  • be a graduate at the L level in the European LMD system (structure defined by the Bologna European Higher Education Space agreement), or
  • be a graduate with any equivalent degree as Bachelor, or
  • be attending the fourth year of a graduation course in the field you are interested in.


International Master of Science in Fluids Engineering for Industrial Processes

This education program is focused on Fluids Engineering for Industrial Processes. Applications are related to fluid flows in petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, energy transformation… The purpose of the lectures is concerned with the physics and modelling of transport phenomena in multiphase flows (bubbles, drops, granular media, emulsions and foams). Exercises and practical training complement advanced courses on turbulence, coupling chemical reactions and flows, heat and mass transfer. The students will be trained to work with Computational Fluid Dynamics tools (commercial codes but also research and industrial software’s). Along the two years of formation, the contact with our industrial partners (TOTAL, AREVA, CEA, EDF …) is strengthened by research and industrial projects (8 + 6 weeks) and a long internship (5 months).

Contact : Eric Climent (ecliment @ : 4000 € per year (non-exchange students)

Web site: