Profesional insertion

Professional insertion


INSAToulouse, located in the European capital of aeronautics and an active memberof the competitive cluster “Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems” and thefuture Institut deRecherche Technologique has privileged links with companies in thissector and its graduates are naturally drawn to it.


Butthese partnerships must not mask the great diversity of the sectors of activityin which the 12,000 INSA TOULOUSE engineers are present: building and publicworks, computing, energy, agro-food industry, transport, consultancy,pharmaceutics…


Graduatesfind employment easily thanks to the close relations the school has withvarious professional fields. For example, all departments discuss theirstrategy to update their course to meet changing social-economic needs withindustrial experts from their field. More than 325 experts from the business areinvolved in teaching.


-         Timespent looking for 1st job: 1 month after graduation

-         Firstannual salary of 32,000 €

-         14%go on to do PhD studies

-         20%find their first job abroad




35 weeks of internships

Studentsare required to do three internships during their studies in companies,institutions or research laboratories.



1200 individual professionalinterviews each year

Throughout their course, guided by theProfessional Path Initiative, students are able to determine their personalpriorities and decide on the type of work they want to do and in which sector.This reflection increases their motivation and has proved to be a great assetduring job interviews.


Continuing education

INSAToulouse also develops its links with companies through training courses fortheir employees, degree courses open to all, and above all courses leading todiploma in innovative technologies, linked to develpments in research.