Studying at INSA Toulouse



Studying for a short period of time   
Summer ProgramsStudents from the USAAccording to the profile of the student2-10 weeks
Studying for 1 or 2 semester(s)   
Classic Exchange Programme (Undergraduate level)Foreign students whose Institution has an partnership agreement with INSA Toulouse and who want to study at INSA Toulouse for 1 or 2 semesters. These students are named “Incoming Exchange Students"2nd or 3rd year: "Pré Orientation (PO)"1 or 2 semester(s)
Classic Exchange Programme (Postgraduate Level)4th or 5th year: "Département de spécialité"1 or 2 semester(s)
Preparing the INSA Engineering Degree   
Classic Training CourseStudents willing to obtain the INSA Engineering Degree and/or the Double Degree.1st year5 years
International Training Courses (ASINSA, IBERINSA et NORGINSA)1st year5 years
Double Degree (Double Diploma)Depending on the mobility scheme. Usually,4th year in a "Département de Spécialité"2 years (usually)
Master for Bachelor via n+iForeign students who have a Bachelor Degree4th year in a "Département de Spécialité" 2 years
Preparing a Master Degree   
Masters of ScienceStudents who have a Bachelor Degree (or a Master 1 Degree)Specific1 or 2 year(s)
Research MastersStudents who have been graduated a Master 1 Degree (or equivalent)Specific1 year
Specialized "Mastères"Foreign students who have been graduated a Master Degree (or equivalent)Specific1 year
Preparing a PhD   
DoctoratesForeign student who have an Engineering/Master of Science DegreeAfter the 5th year of the Engineering/Master of Science Degree3 years