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Fundamentals in Computer Science


At the end of this module, the student will have understood and be able to explain (main concepts) :
Automata and Languages part
This lecture aims at introducing two models: the languages and the automata,
showing their equivalence as well as the various classes and their applications. An
introduction to automatic code generation will be done if time allows. An introduction to aspect
programming will be done.
The student will be able to create data file parsers and compilers.
Functional programming part
Knowledge, understanding and application of principles and tools of
functional programming, students will be able to:
- describe and explain the principles of 1-calculus theory
- describe and explain how theoretical concepts are implemented in the Caml language
- implement and reuse these principles to write or modify functional
language programs (Ocaml).
Analysis, synthesis and critical thinking, students will be able to:
- in addition to other courses in programming, differentiate, characterize and argue
about different classes of languages.

Needed prerequisite

First and second year courses on Algorithms & Programming

Form of assessment

The evaluation of outcome prior learning is made as a continuous training during the semester. According ot the teaching, the assessment will be different: as a written exam, an oral exam, a record, a written report, peers review...