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Program :

This first level is aiming at reading remarkable buildings in the history of Architecture, through the use an architectural analysis grid, and at acquiring the key concepts and typical values, necessary to understand the architectural design.


The second level « Sketch Design » will put the students in a writing position for a house located on a plot of Toulouse according to a simplified set of design constraints.


The third level “CAD” is aiming at attempting a more detailed description of the building by using CAD programs (Sketchup, Archicad, Revit) .


This course covers for engineering students the basics of architectural design and an indisplinary design process. This course will immerse students in complex architectural projects and in a multicriteria logic, multi-stakeholder and multiscalar decision.

This course is designed in close collaboration with the Building Environement class, and has been designed to complement it .

This class will implement gradually three levels:


- a first level of introduction to the architectural analysis of a referential house of the architectural history. This work will be performed by groups, using documentary researches, and analyzing the building using a predefined analysis grid, with various ways of expression: oral, written, drawings, sketches, plans, elevations, cross sections, perspectives and photos. A public restitution of this analysis will ended this first level.


- a second level centered on the sketch design of a house located in a plot in Toulouse, according to simplified huides lines (accessibility, especially for handicapped, climatic, economical, architectural, urban and technical constraints…).


- a third level aiming at detailing the architectural project using CAD programs.



Macro-skills evaluated :

  • 1_3, 1_6, 2_3, 3_1, 3_2, 3_5, 3_8, 4_4, 5_2


Macro-skills involved :

1_1, 1_5, 2_5, 3_6, 4_3, 4_5, 5_5, 6_3

Form of assessment

The evaluation of outcome prior learning is made as a continuous training during the semester. According ot the teaching, the assessment will be different: as a written exam, an oral exam, a record, a written report, peers review...

Additional information

Architectural design, sketch design, detailled design, CAD, Architectural history.