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Business environment and languages


At the end of this module, the student will have understood and be able to explain (main concepts) :
- the interdependence of the functions of the company through decision making
and results analysis
- aspects of business which illustrate decision-making of an engineer
- realities of the English-speaking world and its evolution through a cultural,
historical and socio-economic approach
The student will be able to:
- conduct research
- analyse documents
- set up and organise a group project
- present orally a document summary and a business report
- create basic management tools
- optimise resources to make the company profitable
- take ethical concerns into account
- evaluate the impact of the major parameters of the socio-economic and
financial environment on a company
- identify key factors in the social and ethical dimensions of engineering

Needed prerequisite

Notions : income statement, cash position, balance sheet, costs,  break even  point.
Level : B2 in English(intermediate)

Form of assessment

The evaluation of outcome prior learning is made as a continuous training during the semester. According ot the teaching, the assessment will be different: as a written exam, an oral exam, a record, a written report, peers review...