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Microbiology & Statistics


At the end of this module, the student will have understood and be able to explain (main concepts):
Structure of prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Reproduction. Nutrition. Notion of
metabolism. Growth analysis. Methods of classification and identification. Industrial
Statistical variables, statistical sampling, distributions of statistical variables and
relationships between variables, Probabilistic models and parameter estimations.
Confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear model diagnostics
The student will be able to:
Describe the role of micro-organisms in life cycles. Describe the structure and functions
of cell components. Grow and count micro-organisms. Manage the methods used to
investigate micro-organisms classification and characterization.
Describe the industrial compounds produced by micro-organisms and the methods
of water treatment. Describe the products of industrial microbiology and the water
treatment techniques.
Translate a biological question into a statistical assumption. Manage, explore and model
biological data sets with a statistical software. Define and use the relevant statistical
test and control the reliability of the answer.

Needed prerequisite

Structural biochemistry and molecular biology notions. Linear algebra and real

Form of assessment

The evaluation of outcome prior learning is made as a continuous training during the semester. According ot the teaching, the assessment will be different: as a written exam, an oral exam, a record, a written report, peers review...