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International Training Courses

For many years now, the INSA network has been welcoming foreign students on international programmes in the first year of engineering studies ( Asinsa, Iberinsa, Norginsa), 4th year (N+I, Master) and 5th year (Post-master).

  • ASINSA: The Asinsa programme is based on the same principle as Eurinsa and Amerinsa in Lyon with a group of 12 Asian students and 12 French students. It currently focuses on China, Vietnam and India.
    Contact: Catherine BERAULT (catherine.berault @ insa-toulouse.fr)


  • IBERINSA: The Iberinsa programme was set up in 2013 and is specific to INSA Toulouse. This program is based on a mixed and balanced class of 12 French students and 12 Spanish students in 1st year and it also offers these students the possibility of a Double Diploma (with one of the Spanish Institution partner of INSA Toulouse) starting in 1st  year.
    Contacts: Géraldine CASAUX-GINESTET (ggineste @ insa-toulouse.fr) and Olivier MAZET (olivier.mazet @ insa-toulouse.fr)


  • NORGINSA: The Norginsa programme began at the request of the Norwegian authorities who wanted a specifically designed programme which would avoid the difficulties often met by Norwegian students in France and which would give them, in addition to their engineering training, a sound knowledge of French technology and culture. During the first year, which is preceded by a four-week intensive French language course, the teaching and programme are entirely specific for the group of 10-15 Norwegian students. They benefit from individual pedagogical support in the fundamental science courses during the second and third years.
    Contacts: Alain Huard (alain.huard @ insa-toulouse.fr), Xavier Hébras (xavier.hebras @ insa-toulouse.fr)


  • The "Master for Bachelors" programme "n+i", coordinated by CampusFrance. Around forty places are offered for entry in Year 4 of the INSA course to students who have already obtained a Bachelor Degree in engineering. These students do not form a specific group but are entirely integrated in the department of specialization.
    Contact: Christelle GUIGUI (christelle.guigui @ insa-toulouse.fr)