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IZLY Student Card

At the start of the academic year, you will receive a student card with the photo you have submitted to the online registration software.


The terms and conditions for issuing the card have not yet been defined and will be communicated to you afterwards.


With this card you will be able to:

-access the CROUS cafeteria and university restaurants

-access the university library network

-access INSA campus buildings

-attach your TISSEO pass (metro-bus-tram network)


IZLY is a multi-service card that enables you to pay and gives you access to many services such as university restaurants, laundromats in university residences, copy machines available on campus...

You will find all the details on the IZLY website: http://www.izly.fr/?page=home


It is automatically updated every new academic year; however, you will need to place the new sticker, corresponding to the current year, once you are re-enrolled.


In case of loss, theft, or damage, report to the school to edit a new one, this operation has a cost of €15. The creation of a new card will be free of charge if you show the police report mentioning the theft of your student card.

If your card is demagnetized, you can ask for a new one to be issued at the school, it will be free of charge.


Admissions Office hours: 

Monday: 13:30-17:00
Tuesday: 13:30-17:00
Wednesday: 08:30-12:30
Thursday: 8:30-12:00/14:00-17:00
Friday: 14:00-17:00