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Advanced Master in Risk Engineering

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Advanced Master in Risk Engineering

The objective of this one-year Advanced Master course is to offer lectures in English dealing with generic aspects of risk management and their applications in various domains of engineering.

The first semester contains 3 parts

  • Part A concerns generic knowledge, including concepts of risk, risk identification, analysis, evaluation, and treatment, communication and consultation, safety management system, legal and human factors in risk management (11 ECTS Credits).
  • Part B deals with application fields:  Process safety, toxicological risks for human health, environmental risks associated with toxic products, natural and technological risks for construction, dependability of computing systems, risks associated with radiation, safety of electrical systems. This second part does not require deep knowledge of each domain as an introduction to useful skills will be supplied. A large part of the lectures is provided by professionals (15 ECTS).
  • Part C focuses on professional skills including Conferences and Projects (19 ECTS).

The second semester is dedicated to an internship in firms (30 ECTS)

The program is targeted to jobs in international firms accountable for controlling induced risks, business units dealing with safety regulations, consulting and auditing firms and public administrations. Sectors of employment include aerospace, railways, construction, production, energy, agriculture, medicine, and pharmacy.

Modules opened to International Students Within Mobility Programs

The following modules taught in English may be opened to international students within mobility program agreements, under certain conditions. Please use the contact below to apply to any of these modules.

Module description


ECTS credits

Risk Management



Risk Analysis



Design for safety



Toxic risks



Process and Structural Safety



Human Resources Management and Group Work




Practical informations

Contact:  gilles.motet @

Web site :

Language: English

Duration: 1 year

1 semester lectures, case studies, projects, 1 semester internship

Required level: 1st year of a Master of Science, Engineering Degree

Degree awarded: Advanced Master Certificate

Deadline for application: May 1st

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