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The international dimensions of INSA Toulouse

  • INSA student engineers must spend 12 weeks in a foreign country in the framework of internships, studies abroad or holiday jobs.
    They may spend this period in one go or two gos. Every year, approximately 600 students go abroad: half of them in internships, the other half for study purpose.

  • INSA Toulouse welcomes foreign students in the framework of exchange programs (Erasmus + and bilateral agreements) or International Training Courses (Asinsa, Norginsa, Iberinsa, Enginsa, Masters of Science, Advanced Masters, Master for Bachelors via n+i network).
    Every year, more than 600 foreign students are enrolled at INSA Toulouse.

  • INSA offers foreign languages courses: the English language is a priority. Students in 4th year must take a test of the TOEIC test (min required: 785). A second foreign language is also compulsory: Spanish, German, Chinese, etc.


The international value of the INSA Engineering Diploma