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  • The options

Many possibilities of accommodation are available in Toulouse but you must be very careful and start your accommodation research as soon as your receive your acceptation letter.


Regarding the accommodation, please contact the International Relations of your Home Institution in order to read through our Fact Sheet.


You can also contact the personalized reception service in Toulouse: "Toulbox" in order to be helped to find an accommodation in Toulouse.


  • The Guarantee

In France, for all types of accommodation you will be asked for:

- a deposit (= 1 month rent), which will be given back to you when you at the end of your stay

- a guarantor = a person that will be able to pay the rent for you in case you meet financial problems during your stay.

Foreign students can ask for the student renting guarantee “CLE”.


  • The Insurance

It is recommended to buy the Multi-risk insurance from your home country. Otherwise, it must be subscribed within one week after your arrival.


Subscribe before arrival:


Subscribe after arrival:


  •  Housing Benefit

You must contact the CAF since that the DRI does not manage the Housing Benefit procedure.

Remember that you can ask questions regarding the Housing to the Toul’box team.