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How to apply

How to apply?

Application procedure to become an exchange student at INSA Toulouse

You are studying in one of our partner institutions and you have been selected as an exchange student by your home institution to undertake one or two semesters at INSA Toulouse, you shall follow step 1 and 2. If you have already been accepted to INSA Toulouse, follow step 3.



  • The application procedure is only opened twice a year: from March 2 to April 2 (Partner institutions must nominate their students no later than March 28), for the autumn semester and from October 10 to November 10 (Partner institutions must nominate their students no later than November 7), for the spring semester
  • Courses you may take during the autumn semester are not repeated during the spring semester
  • Choose scientific courses that are in the same department and for the same year (ex: civil engineering, 4th year)


If you need help or have any question, you can contact the departmental correspondant in charge of international relations.



Your Learning Agreement should include:

  • Scientific courses in French and English
  • Humanities
  • French language courses (“FLE”)


European students: download your Learning Agreement Template

Non-European students: download your Learning Agreement template


Focus 1: the scientific courses 

IMPORTANT: Before choosing your courses, you must take into account that the curriculum of INSA is different from the US/Canadian systems: the courses that take place during the autumn semester won’t be repeated during spring semester. So, you are strongly encouraged to choose your scientific courses in one department of studies and only one year of studies: for instance, only scientific courses in 4th year of Chemical Engineering.


Some exchange students tend to take their courses in many departments of INSA and also in different years of studies within the 5-year curriculum of INSA Toulouse. It may be the way they build their syllabus in their home institution but it is not authorized at INSA Toulouse and it would lead to creating time-tables with timeconflicts impossible to solve. If the courses required by your home institution are given in two different departments or two different years at INSA, you must choose only one major and one minor. Don’t forget that in each pre-orientation and each department, an international coordinator is in charge of analyzing your application form, validating your learning agreement and providing you all necessary information to prepare your mobility at INSA Toulouse. 


Now that you understand how the curriculum is organized, you must:

-          Visit our website

-          Choose your field of Engineering between our 8 specializations: (Applied Physics, etc.)

-          Choose your “year of studies (3rd year, 4th year, etc.) according to your academic level.

-          Select the courses you want to undertake during Semester 1/autumn and/or Semester 2/spring: don’t forget to check the pre-requisites!

-          Indicate the courses on your Learning Agreement


Focus 2: humanities 

The CSH (Center for Humanities) offers courses to exchange students (economy, management, etc.).

-          choose any of the courses if you comply with the listed language and the prerequisites

-          Indicate the courses on your Learning Agreement


Focus 3: French Language courses

Exchange Students are also allowed to attend French Language courses.

-          Visit our website

-          Indicate the course on your Learning Agreement 



  1. Upload your personal and academic data via https://incoming.insa-toulouse.fr/
  2. Upload your documents to complete your application via https://pre-incoming.insa-toulouse.fr (only opened twice a year).


Documents to be uploaded:

  1. Application Form duly signed by your Home institution (available at https://incoming.insa-toulouse.fr)*
  2. Passport or Identity Card*
  3. Cover letter*
  4. Curriculum Vitae*
  5. Learning agreement*
  6. Copy of your Student Card (or Enrollment Certificate)*
  7. Copy of the certificate of Mobility Approval from your home institution*
  8. Transcripts of Academic Records for the 2 years before your application*
  9. A short description of the classes you followed the year of the application, for which you still have not received the grades*
  10. French proficiency certification, if available
  11. Other documents (recommendation letters or any other required document)

(*) mandatory



Decisions on admission will be taken 6-8 weeks after the application deadline. After that, letters of admission with all additional information will be sent out via email for EU students and via email + express postmail for non-EU students. 


STEP 3: You have been accepted to INSA Toulouse


At the end of June if you arrive for the 1st semester, you will receive by email the online pre-registration procedure with a student guide to help you with this procedure.
If you arrive at the 2nd semester, you will receive it at the end of December.



The International Relations Office (DRI) organizes a welcome session for exchange students before the semester starts. This meeting will take place:

- For the fall semester: beginning of September 2020 (in the Amphitheatre Fourier building 12)

- For the spring semester: mid-January 2021 in Salle des Thèses (building 8)

Attendance at this welcome session is mandatory: if you do not come your registration will be delayed (Students who are exclusively following 5th year courses or who are coming for an internship are exempt).


You can also have a look at our pages dedicated to:


We are aware that moving in a new city may be difficult. This is why INSA Toulouse, as a member of the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées (UFTMiP) offers international students and researchers several services to help them getting around the city and make their first days in Toulouse easier. These services are gathered under the "Toul'Box". You will also be able to find more practical information such as adresses, contacts and tips to organise tour arrival in the "Welcome Pack"