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Summer school in Applied Physics

Title: Initiation to computer based instrumentation

Duration: 2 weeks (40 h courses)

Date: May, 22th -31th, 2018

Location : Campus of INSA de Toulouse

ECTS credits: 4




Description: The general objectives are to acquire knowledge in the field of the measurement and data acquisition using computers and to determine the important parameters of a measurement chain.  This training is mainly focused on practical work.


Skills to be acquired:

  • How to choose the sensor, equipment, method adapted to solve a measurement problem.
  • To Develop software under LabVIEW environment
  • To Communicate with a data acquisition card or an instrument using RS-232 and GPIB buses.
  • To Understand and use the main parameters during the use of data acquisition cards.
  • To Develop data acquisition system with open source hardware


Prerequisites : basic in Base in algorithmic


Contents :  

[1]   LabVIEW Initiation                             (4h course ; 8h practical works)

[2]   Sensors                                              (3h course)

[3]   Stand-alone instrument                     (2h course ; 5h practical works)

[4]   Open-source instrumentation           (4h course ; 6h practical works)

[5]   Data acquisition card                        (2h course ; 6h practical works)



Registration fees : 400€/week 
Contact :
summer-school @ insa-toulouse.fr
Special partners have to contact
summer-school @ insa-toulouse.fr before registration


Registration (Deadline registration : March 18th, 2018)