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International Programmes

For many years now, the INSA network has been welcoming foreign students on international programmes in the first year of engineering studies (ASINSA, ENGINSA, IBERINSA, NORGINSA), 4th year, and 5th year (Post-master). Please note there are specific fees for these programs. For more information, please contact the person in charge of the program you are interested in.


  • ASINSA: The Asinsa programme is based on the same principle as Eurinsa and Amerinsa in Lyon with a group of 12 Asian students and 12 French students. It currently focuses on China, Vietnam and India.
    Contact: Stéphane Genieys and Walter Escoffier (asinsa @ insa-toulouse.fr)


  • ENG'INSA is a 5-year international scientific engineering degree programme (B'Eng and M'Eng) starting in September 2018. It combines French-taught and English-taught courses and targets students who wish to pursue international careers in both engineering and executive management.
    Contact: Barbara Moore and Anthony REVEILLAC (enginsa @ insa-toulouse.fr)


  • IBERINSA: The Iberinsa programme was set up in 2013 and is specific to INSA Toulouse. This program is based on a mixed and balanced class of 12 French students and 12 Spanish students in 1st year and it also offers these students the possibility of a Double Diploma (with one of the Spanish Institution partner of INSA Toulouse) starting in 1st  year.
    Contacts: Géraldine CASAUX-GINESTET and Olivier MAZET (iberinsa @ insa-toulouse.fr)


  • NORGINSA: The Norginsa programme began at the request of the Norwegian authorities who wanted a specifically designed programme which would avoid the difficulties often met by Norwegian students in France and which would give them, in addition to their engineering training, a sound knowledge of French technology and culture. During the first year, which is preceded by a four-week intensive French language course, the teaching and programme are entirely specific for the group of 10-15 Norwegian students. They benefit from individual pedagogical support in the fundamental science courses during the second and third years.
    Contacts: Jean-Yves DAUXOIS et Xavier Hébras (norginsa @ insa-toulouse.fr)