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Degree programme syllabus

The courses are taught through seminars and labs only (no lectures), which allows for close relationships between the teaching staff and students.


The carefully determined blend of students with excellent scientific skills from different parts of the world, including some French natives, allows all students to develop strong intercultural skills while discovering French culture.



The 1st year Eng’INSA course offers different opportunities for international students to transition into the subsequent degree program courses which are taught both in French and English:

  • The B1 entry requirement in French ensures that student are proficient enough to communicate easily both on and off campus;
  • The French as a Foreign Language Summer School (100 hrs) starting in early August;
  • French as a Foreign Language and French for Academic Purposes courses throughout the academic year;
  • Academic support from skilled science teachers whenever needed;
  • Pastoral support from the course coordinators and local student union (peer-to-peer mentoring)


The Eng’INSA programme prepares students for all the specialized INSA Toulouse engineering departments, namely Computer Sciences, Biological Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Automatic Control & Electronics, Chemical Engineering & Environment, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics. They can also opt for one of the double-degrees offered at INSA and graduate in both Engineering
and Management; Engineering and Architecture; etc. They can also apply for a double degree with one of our international partners.