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Teknologistudier ved INSA Toulouse

NORGINSA er et spesialprogram for sivilingeniørstudier ved INSA Toulouse for norske studenter. Søkere kan søke opptak på grunnlag av norsk videregående skole, IB eller fransk Bac med fordypning i matematikk og fysikk.


Norginsa is a top level engineering training programme for Norwegian students leading to a diplôme d'ingénieur INSA, a Master degree.



The INSA engineering programme for Norwegian students was started in September 1990 at the request of the Norwegian authorities (ministries and universities).

Norway was looking for a specific programme which would reduce the difficulties often met by Norwegian students in France, notably with the language, mathematics and the teaching methods which were theoretical rather than pragmatic.

The course was to last 5 years, i.e. no longer than the usual engineering course. INSA Toulouse created the Norginsa programme in answer to this request.



For more information about recruitment procedures, course organisation, specific activities, cost of studies, facts and figures and how to apply, please  go to :



Address in Toulouse :


135, avenue de Rangueil / 31077 Toulouse cedex 4 – France

Studies coordinators

 Jean-Yves DAUXOIS et Xavier HÉBRAS


 norginsa @ insa-toulouse.fr


Address in Norway

Address in Norway :

SIU Frankrikeprogrammet

Pb. 1093, N-5811 Bergen

Besøksadresse : Vaskerelven 39, 5014 Bergen

Coordinator :

Kjetil Myklebust

phone number : (+ 47) 55 30 38 00

E-mail : frankrike @ siu.no / Web : http://studeriutlandet.no/nor/Hva-vil-du-studere/Ingenioerstudier-i-Toulouse


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