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Eiffel scholarships

INSA Toulouse may apply for Eiffel Scholarships (Master or PhD level) for top-level foreign students if they want to be graduated the INSA Toulouse Engineering Degree, a Master degree a Master of Science degree or a PhD degree.


Top-level foreign students must respect the following application procedure:

1/ they must obtain, in writing, the approval of their application by a teacher-researcher of INSA Toulouse (please consult the directory) or by their home institution, (only if their home institution is INSA Toulouse’s partner).

2/ once they have obtained the approval of their application: they must officially submit an application file made of:

-       The written approval (email/letter) of the application by the teacher-researcher of INSA Toulouse (or associate home institution)

-       A curriculum vitae

-       A cover letter

-       All the transcript of records from the 1st year of Higher Education studies

-       The Official certificate of academic ranking, duly stamped and signed by the Head of their home institution

-       Any other document allowing INSA Toulouse to assess the academic level and motivation of the applicant

The complete file must be submitted by email: direction-ri @ insa-toulouse.fr before November 30th.

Please take into consideration that in case of uncomplete application, late application or if the applicant does not respect this procedure, the application will not be considered and the applicant will not receive any reply from INSA Toulouse.


More information regarding the requirements to fulfill: Campus-France