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French language courses

French Language courses (FLE) are organized for foreign non-French-speaking students enrolled at INSA Toulouse.

Our foreign students are offered two types of courses:


Two-hour classes per week (for Exchange students & DD students)

At INSA, classes of French Language take place every Thursday afternoon: revision, development of oral skills (presentations, discussions around news articles or articles on France and French culture) development of writing skills.


This course gives credits to exchange students.


Contact at INSA: philippe.fiore @ insa-toulouse.fr



Extensive French courses with the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées

During the academic year, French courses are offered at different levels in general communication, scientific communication, and culture at the various universities and engineering schools in Toulouse.

These modules of French are proposed on a 25 hour basis, from October to June.  It regroups 12 to 15 students, on a 2 hours/week basis.

Prior to registration, a test level is required, which is coordinated by Philippe FIORE at INSA Toulouse.


Please be aware that this course does not give you credits approved by INSA Toulouse! You must NOT write this course on your Learning Agreement.


  • Contact at INSA: philippe.fiore @ insa-toulouse.fr
  • Contact at the UFTMP: fle @ univ-toulouse.fr