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Programmes in English


INSA Toulouse also offers its Foreign student the opportunity to study in English.

Scientific courses taught in English

INSA Toulouse offers the possibility to attend classes in English to its Incoming Exchange Students. This means that any student whose institution has signed an Agreement with INSA Toulouse (or with the INSA Group or the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées) can attend these classes.

Students are allowed to mix classes in French and in English.


 Masters of Science

This degree targets the field of electronic systems for embedded applications and communications (ESECA). The courses focus on the design of integrated, RF circuits, antennas and digital signal processing and image. The fundamental teachings relate the basics of signal theory, signal processing, electromagnetism, and circuit theory and are based on project-oriented learning.

Lessons are delivered within 24 months of training, since students are required to work on research departments from our industrial partners and will be welcomed in training on production sites or in laboratories of research and development.

Contact: Étienne Sicard (sicard @ insa-toulouse.fr)


Advanced Masters

The objective oh this one-year post-Master degree is to offer courses in English dealing with generic aspects of risk management including concepts of risk as well as risk analysis (identification and estimation), treatment, communication and management systems. The second part deals with applications in specific domains: process safety, dependability of computing systems, toxicological risks for human health and environment, natural and technological risks for construction, risk associated with electromagnetic fields and electricity. This second part does not require deep knowledge of each domain as an introduction to useful skills will be supplied. A large part of the lectures is provided by professionals.

Contact: Gilles Motet (gilles.motet @ insa-toulouse.fr)


Summer Programs

Summer Schools and GRIT Programs take place every year in June and July with University of Texas at Austin and Mississippi State University.