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ACTIA scolarship for international excellence

INSA Toulouse cares about the diversification of its recruitments and about its contribution to form executives possessing at the same time a training adquired in their own countries and a training that will be completed by an European course as part of a high-level engineering training in two years: the Master n+I program for bachelor.


In order to support the international development of INSA, the Foundation INSA Toulouse and ACTIA have partnered to create the:


These scholarships are awarded to talented foreign students who have a strong academic and professional potential. The laureates will do their internship within the ACTIA Group.


Selection criterions:

  • Nationality: the priority will be given to candidates from countries with strong interest for INSA Toulouse and for the activities of the ACTIA Group: China, United-States, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Italy, Tunisia, India.
  • Fields of studies: sciences of engineering in the specialities such as Mechanical engineering, Automatic control-Electronics, Computer Science and Networks engineering, Physics, Mathematical and modelling
  • Level of schooling: master’s degree
  • Training course: Master n+i for bachelor
  • Diploma delivered: Diploma of French Engineer
  • Do its internship in the ACTIA Group




Contact : fondation @ insa-toulouse.fr