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Eiffel scholarships

Every year, INSA Toulouse applies for Eiffel Scholarships (Master or PhD level) for top foreign students enrolled at INSA Toulouse to be graduated either the INSA Toulouse Engineering Diploma or a PhD.


This application is only possible for foreign students enrolled as Master or PhD students AND who will have been previously selected under the following selection process:

  • proposition of the applicant by a teacher/researcher of INSA Toulouse or by a partner institution (unsupported spontaneous applications will be systematically rejected)
  • then an interview of the applicant at INSA Toulouse or by videoconference


This means that INSA Toulouse will reject:

  • Applications not supported by a teacher/researcher/partner institution
  • Application of Exchange Students
  • Applications of “Bachelor/undergraduate” students


More information regarding the requirements to fulfill: Campus-France

More information regarding the criteria of INSA: direction-ri @ insa-toulouse.fr