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Postgraduate studies

INSA is highly involved in the system set up in the region of the Midi-Pyrenees to bring together the three Toulouse Universities, the Institut National Polytechnique (INP) and INSA and also the engineering schools situated outside Toulouse: ISAE, ENAC, ENIT, ESAP, ENM, ENVT, ENSTIMAC.

Innovative PhD graduates

Around 50 PhD degrees are awarded  each year at INSA Toulouse. The school is part of the seven doctoral schools. It offers 8 Research Master programmes and receive around 240 PhD students, half of whom come from abroad.


In collaboration with the other engineering universities of Toulouse, INSA Toulouse would like to create an “École de docteurs” in order to facilitate the transition from Master studies to PhD studies so that more engineers go onto study for a PhD, thus developing a real “doctor of engineering”. This will involve developing the courses with companies and accompanying the students in their professional projects.

Aeronautics and Astronautics

Main establishment : ISAE

Yves GOURINAT, Director

E-mail : ed-aa @ isae.fr

Web : http://edaa.isae.fr

Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering

Main establishment : UPS

Alain CAZARRÉ, Director
E-mail : cazarre @ laas.fr

Web : http://www.laas.fr/GEET/

Mathematics, Informatics and Telecommunications

Main establishment : UPS

Jean-Michel ROQUEJOFFRE, Director

E-mail : labruyere @ adm.ups-tlse.fr

Web : http://www.irit.fr/EDIT/

Mechanics, Energetics, Civil Engineering and Processes

Main establishment : UPS

Hélène ROUX de BALMANN, Directress

E-mail : roux @ chimie.ups-tlse.fr

Web : http://www.ed-megep.fr/

Materials Sciences

Main establishment : UPS

Michel CAFFARAEL, Director

Mél : edsdm @ cict.fr

Web : http://www.edsdm.ups-tlse.fr/

Ecology, , Agronomy, Bioengineering and Veterinary Sciences

Main establishment : UPS

Claude MARANGES, Director

E-mail : maranges @ insa-toulouse.fr

Web : http://www.sevab.ups-tlse.fr/en/index.php


Main establishment : INSA de Toulouse

Caroline BERARD, Directress

Mél : caroline.berard @ isae.fr

Web : http://www2.laas.fr/EDSYS/