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Postgraduate studies

INSA is actively involved in the system set up in the region of the Midi-Pyrenees bringing together mainly on the three Toulouse Universities, the Institut National Polytechnique (INP) and INSA and also on the engineering schools situated outside Toulouse or dependent on other ministries: ISAE, ENAC, ENIT, ESAP, ENM, ENVT, ENSTIMAC.

Aeronautics and Astronautics

Main establishment : ISAE

Yves GOURINAT, Director

E-mail : ed-aa @ isae.fr

Web : http://edaa.isae.fr

Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering

Main establishment : UPS

Alain CAZARRÉ, Director
E-mail : cazarre @ laas.fr

Web : http://www.laas.fr/GEET/

Mathematics, Informatics and Telecommunications

Main establishment : UPS

Jean-Michel ROQUEJOFFRE, Director

E-mail : labruyere @ adm.ups-tlse.fr

Web : http://www.irit.fr/EDIT/

Mechanics, Energetics, Civil Engineering and Processes

Main establishment : UPS

Hélène ROUX de BALMANN, Directress

E-mail : roux @ chimie.ups-tlse.fr

Web : http://www.ed-megep.fr/

Materials Sciences

Main establishment : UPS

Michel CAFFARAEL, Director

Mél : edsdm @ cict.fr

Web : http://www.edsdm.ups-tlse.fr/

Ecology, , Agronomy, Bioengineering and Veterinary Sciences

Main establishment : UPS

Claude MARANGES, Director

E-mail : maranges @ insa-toulouse.fr

Web : http://www.sevab.ups-tlse.fr/en/index.php


Main establishment : INSA de Toulouse

Caroline BERARD, Directress

Mél : caroline.berard @ isae.fr

Web : http://www2.laas.fr/EDSYS/