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Campus life

Life at INSA is very rich thanks to the many clubs and associations which allow students and staff to take part in a variety of humanitarian, sports, economic or cultural activities.

Student associations

The student clubs create a friendly atmosphere on the campus and organize important events.

Students may choose to belong to :

INSA subsidises student clubs and the student projects chosen each year in December by the Conseil des Etudes (the « Opération mains propres » in Senegal, the « Coupe Robot E=m6 », the « Tour de France à la voile »,…), and organizes events which bring everybody together (the INSA week, the graduation ceremony,…).

Sports clubs and associations

Students can practise any of the 20 sports organized by the « association sportive »

Cultural activities

Numerous activities are organized each year by the student clubs, staff and Culture Commission, created in November 1998 to “ … organize, manage and coordinate cultural activities ».

The main activities currently offered are :

  • Les Mardis de l’INSA : conferences on different cultural themes
  • Les Petits Concerts du Mardi : concerts performed by the students of the Music Section.
  • INS’Arts : a show combining dance, poetry and music, created and performed by INSA students and staff.
  • Invitations d’artistes : each year, theatre companies are invited by the Culture Commission. 
  • Photography Exhibitions.
  • Forum for cultural institutions : each year in September, the cultural institutions present their programmes to INSA staff and students.
  • International Week : a week of activities to acquaint everyone with the culture of the countries of our foreign students.