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An engineering curriculum in line with the times

The INSA Toulouse engineering studies are updated regularly in order to:

  • maintain good visibility at both natio­nal and international levels
  • adapt to a rapidly changing socio-economic environment
  • take advantage of the multidisciplina­ry character of INSA Toulouse to pro­pose original courses at the interface of several fields
  • meet the professional projects of its students and stimulate their motiva­tion and autonomy.

Evolving specializations

INSA Toulouse works in close collaboration with industry to offer an educational pro­gramme which corresponds to the expecta­tions of companies.

This has confirmed that INSA engineers:

- have a sound, practical scientific education

- are able to communicate well

- follow courses at the interface of several disciplines

- work easily in teams.

Students can choose among 8 specializa­tions and 8 Pluridisciplinary Transversal Paths (PTP)*. The PTPs include as wide a range of specializations as possible so that students have a broader, less domain-specific educa­tion.

Active learning

Students are encouraged to play an active role in their education and spend a significant part of their studies working on full-scale projects.

Problem and project-based learning is a stu­dent-centred approach which stimulates the desire to learn and autonomy. The project is the backbone of the course: instead of fol­lowing lectures then taking exams to check what has been learnt, students, from the first year, spend an increasing part of their time working in teams on complex problems and projects designed by teachers, and guided by a tutor.

From the start, students are guided in the construction of a professional project consistent with their interests and abilities through the Professional Project Initiative (PPI).

Complementary and parallel courses

INSA offers a number of parallel or com­plementary courses such as the “Mastères spécialisés”, accredited by the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”, which correspond to a one-year specialization open to graduates of a Master degree.

INSA students may also follow complementary courses in another establishment such as a specialization in industrial management (IAE) in architecture (ENSA) or finance (ESC).

Continuing education

INSA Toulouse gives people in or seeking employment the possibility of obtaining a Master in Engineering via a three-year course or through the Validation of Experiential Lear­ning. It also organises short courses to update knowledge and skills.



(*) subject to accreditation by the CTI