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Engineering programme


  • Year 1 : a common core of science subjects and an introduction to technology to guide students in their personal projects and promote autonomy, aptitude for research and self-knowledge.
  • Years 2 and 3 : pre-specialization in a wide disciplinary field where students can also express their personal choices through elective courses. Students wishing to undertake a period of studies abroad at the end of these two years are awarded the equivalent of a Bachelor degree.
  • Years 4 and 5 : two years leading to an engineering degree in one of the 8 specializations



  • currently offered.
  • the European Credit Transfer System is applied throughout the course and the academic year is organized in semesters,
  • the possibility of studying a second foreign language (German, Spanish or Chinese) in addition to English,
  • a diversified programme in the sciences and humanities,
  • personal guidance for the student’s professional project (Parcours Professionnel Individualisé), for a better perception of his/her future.