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Advanced instrumentation


Overview of VXI Specifications:  Interrupt request, bus request, devices (slave, master, register based, message based, extended commander, servant), register map for devices, communication protocols, system resources.


Description of VISA specifications: VISA software model and the VISA Application Programming Interface (API).

Description of SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) language 

Practical work : VXI et VISA



AVR microcontroller presentation, internal architecture and possibilities. Performing an open-source Hardware platform Arduino type.

Creation of electronic circuits (schematic routing, PCB drawing).

Interfacing components (displays, motors, sensors, I2C bus, Nunchuk, touch screen ...).

Creating C++ libraries, GUI, interfacing Arduino / Processing (Java programming) and ANDROID ...


VXI: Description of the low level mechanism of an evolved data bus.
VISA: Definition and description of hardware abstraction through software layers.
To be able to develop a high level instrument driver.
Object programming: Definition and description of object programming concept.
To be able to use a specification to build a C++ program

Needed prerequisite

- Programmer en Java : ISBN 10 : 2-212-11988-7
- Cours et exercices en UML 2 avec Java 5, C# 2, C++, Python et PHP 5 : ISBN 10 : 2212115385
- Livre de Java premier langage : ISBN 10 : 2-212-12376-0.

Form of assessment

The evaluation of outcome prior learning is made as a continuous training during the semester. According ot the teaching, the assessment will be different: as a written exam, an oral exam, a record, a written report, peers review...