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  • Type of diploma : Engineer Background
  • Level : BAC +5
  • Domain : Sciences, technologies, Health



The Automatic control-Electronics engineering course focuses on the concepts, methods and techniques of automatic control and also develops the competences required to design the implementation of methods and techniques for real-time control and electronic circuit design. Two major topics are developed: automatic control systems, electronic and micro-electronic systems with their associated IT techniques. An important aspect of the specificity of A-E engineers and of the course itself is the demonstration of how the integration of the three disciplines, Automatic control, Electronics and Computer science makes it possible to meet the needs and demands of industry in the context of complex systems.
It provides
Cross-disciplinary competences: capacity to manage the economic, financial, human, organisational and technical aspects of a project in the sphere of activity of a generalist engineer for the:
Design and Management of automatic systems: including the systems theory and the techniques of electronics: logic and analog circuits, electronics of power, optoelectronics, micro-electronics. Moreover, sound training in the basic computer techniques stressing Real-Time for control reinforces the ability to design and implement automatic systems.
Development of integrated automatic systems: today, whatever the sphere of activity, a large number of tasks require, in what is called a "systems approach", the integration of varied concepts and techniques. The piloting of simple or complex industrial systems passes in general by the knowledge of the process, the design of efficient control rules, the command of electronic tools and digital calculators, making it possible to manage and enable communication between the various components of the system. This requires a generalist engineering course at the crossroads of the three disciplines: automatic control, electronics and computer science.


Access condition

Baccalauréat or equivalent for admission into first year
Admission on record possible for years 2, 3 or 4

For more information, please refer to : http://admission.groupe-insa.fr/candidater-linsa




Access condition

Baccalauréat or equivalent for admission into first year
Admission on record possible for years 2, 3 or 4