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Industrialization and logistics


Industrialization :

Through two types of industrialization : The automotive and aerospace ; we detail :

- The different types of production management organizations

- Industrial measures implemented

- Piloting of industrialization : PLM , ERP, PDM , MES, lean management

- Design and simulation of the system of industrialization

- Introduction to CAD and CAM Catia V5

Labwork of optimization of production and organization and production management

Visits to factories and conference on lean management


Organization : 5 hours of lectures, 10.25h of Tutorials , 8h of Labwork, 3h conference, examen: 1.25 MCT


Production management, planning, scheduling :

Production management and logistics

linear programming applied to planning

Graphs and scheduling application

Scheduling and combinatorial optimization

Production Planning

Labwork : Introduction to AMPL and Excel


Organization : 12.5 hours of lectures, 2.5h of Tutorials , 2.5h of Labwork, examen: 1.25h


Configuration Management :

1 – Airbus world (Aircraft families, industrial roles accros Europe, all different maturity steps of a program)

2 – Configuration management generalities (first look and presentation of modules that will be detailed afterwards)

3 – Product structure (What is product structure, how it is built and what are the main rules)

4 – The change process (all different steps of a change request during the full process, data and deliverables requiered pending on progress in the process)

5 – Offer management (what is offer management and what are the associated deliverables)

6 – Attestation and control of conformity (Delta managements)


Organization: 6 x 2h30 of course + 2 x 2h30 of labwork + 2h of exam



At the end of this module, the student will have understood and be able to explain (main concepts) :

The organization , management and control of a system of industrialization

The challenges of production management (PM) and supply chain (SCM) as well as issues of scheduling

What is configuration management, what are the enablers and what is the purpose


The student will be able to :

 -    Define the industrial means used and the type of  production management organization associated with the system of industrialization

-    Define the tools to control it : PLM , ERP, PDM , MES, the lean management

-    Use tools for design and simulation of industrialization : CAD and CAM CATIA

-    Use of models, methods and tools GP , SCM, and scheduling

-    Roughly describe airbus world (A/Cs family, industrial sharing across the Europe)

-    Define a hierarchical & appropriated breakdown of a complex product

-    Apply the change process and identify required data to allow decision

-    Identify mechanisms that enable management of product offer and its customisation

-    Demonstrate that final product manufactured is conform to expectations


Needed prerequisite

Reading of plans, current metallic materials, various types of machining.

Basic elements on : probabilities – Linear programming.

Form of assessment

The evaluation of outcome prior learning is made as a continuous training during the semester. According ot the teaching, the assessment will be different: as a written exam, an oral exam, a record, a written report, peers review...