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  • Construction engineering (IC) : this pre-specialization focusses on konwledge of the basics laws in the field of the mechanics of solids and multi-body systems, strength of materials, science of heat and fluid mechanics; knowledge of numerical methods and the command of mathematical and computer tools (Matlab); for the mechanical engineering strand, design methodology and power transmission mechanisms; for the civil engineering strand,soil mechanics and properties of materials. It leads to specializations in Civil engineering and Mechanical engineering.


  • Materials devices and systems engineering (IMACS) : this pre-specialization develops skills in analog and digital electronics and the electronic command of systems. It treats microscopic and nanoscopic physics and physics of materials.It provides an introduction to the physics of electronic components and develops skills in material informatics including real-time control and setting up automatic measures.It leads to specializations in Automatic Control and Electronics and Applied physics.


  • Modelling, informatics and communications (MIC) : this pre-specialization develops skills in the design and modelling of systems, knowledge of information processing methods, skills in material and software engineering; C and ADA languages, Windows and Unix exploitation systems, digital methods; depending on the strand followed, Assembleur, data bases, statistics, or signal processing. It leads to specializations in Computer and networks engineering and Mathematical and modeling engineering.


  • Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering (ICBE) : this pre-specialization aims at providing the necessary knowledge for designing and setting up biological catalysts (enzymes/micro-organisms) and physico-chemical and biological matter transformation processes. The course treats both the description of the behaviour and characterization of molecules and the characterization of transfer phenomena (quantity of movement, heat, matter). It leads to specializations in Process engineering and Biochemical engineering.



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