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Master of Science ESECAElectronic Systems for Embedded Communications and Applications



This degree targets the field of electronic systems for embedded applications and communications. The courses focus on the design of integrated, RF circuits, antennas and digital signal processingand image. The fundamental teachings relate the basics of signal theory, signal processing, electromagnetics, circuit theory and is based on project-oriented learning.


Lessons are delivered within 24 months of training, since students are required to work on research departments from our industrial partners and will be welcomed in training on production sites or in laboratories of research and development.

  • Semester 1: Scientific basis, cultural integration, linguistics and methodology (Establishment of a transition semester "n + i"): modular training in analog and digital electronics, microwave and signal processing.
  • Semester 2: Core courses and IC design, microwave, signal processing.
  • Semester 3: three courses 1) Integrating embedded systems 2) Signals, images, and digital communications and 3) Electromagnetism.
  • Semester 4:  Graduation Internship (5-6 months) in academic Laboratories or in Industry.


This Master of Science is a joint program with ENSEEIHT engineering school, member of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (INPT). You can find more details about this degree on the website.


  • Contact: master_eseca @ univ-toulouse.fr