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Water Engineering and Water Management


The Master of Science in Water Engineering and Water Management aims to train leaders in water management thanks to its courses offer oriented towards industrial needs and linked with recent scientific progress. It allows students to receive a multidisciplinary approach on water issues and to develop skills in treatment engineering, water cycle and water management. Thus, the objective of this Master degree is to train high-level students with a transversal vision in water engineering thanks to a special training, which includes treatment, network and resources aspects. The most important objective is to put an emphasis on the issues of rational use of water resources.


The curriculum covers:

  • Basic aspects of mass and momentum transfer, pollution analysis, water ecology, hydrology
  • Specific courses about biological and chemical reactors, separation processes (by classic adsorption and membrane filtration for water)
  • Major societal issues for the future, including rational use of water resources.  These topics are tackled as well: water reuse, use of sewage to produce energy, urban water management, waste impacts in risky spaces and crisis management (draught, floods) caused by human activities


Many lectures are based on practical training or use special softwares. Several on-field visits are organised and technical projects focused on research and the professional world are led. Besides, students may do their internship in companies and laboratories near Toulouse, internationally renowned for their research in the water sector. Throughout this two-year training, strong interactions between courses and industrial issues are ensured because practise and application are joint with research. This Master of Science aims to train individuals who master both the French and the English language. Regarding this aspect, a major effort has been put on for students to gain knowledge in French and English language and culture. As a result, lectures are 50% taught in French and 50% in English.


Thanks to the high scientific level of the Master, which courses are based on international research laboratories and their competences (LISBP and IMFT), students willing to continue their studies may have the opportunity to prepare a PhD in one of the laboratories (especially in SOPHYE, SYMBIOSE and TIM research groups). After two years of training, students will become experts in Water Engineering and Water Management. They will be able to hold senior positions and be in charge of the development of technical projects linked to resource management. Moreover, they will be able to conduct installations in water companies and “eco-industries”. Students may also apply for positions such as environmental and water advisors in companies and institutions. To finish, the high level of this Advanced Master will allow them to continue their career in industrial or academic research and development centres.  


Contact: Madame Christelle GUIGUI (christelle.guigui @ insa-toulouse.fr)