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INSA Toulouse offers four Master degrees to Bachelor students. Courses are fully taught in French.

The Master 1 program is led by the University of Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier. Please refer to the following website : http://www.univ-tlse3.fr/master

  •  Mechanical Engineering: Sciences for the mechanics of materials and
    Contact: masterSmms @ insa-toulouse.fr
  •  Mechanics, Energetics and Processes: Fluid dynamics, Energetics and

    Contact: masterDfet @ insa-toulouse.fr
  •  Networks and télécommunications: Embedded Networks and Connected Objects, Security of information systems and networks
    Contact: master-rt @ insa-toulouse.fr
  •  Civil Engineering: Sustainability Engineering - research and innovation in materials and structuresmore informations
    Contact: masteridrims @ insa-toulouse.fr