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Registering for the 1st time


Online pre-registration until the 6th september 2021

If you are an international student arriving in France, please take note of the procedures to follow due to the health crisis: How to come to France.

If you want to enroll in an exchange program, please click on the link below:

ERASMUS - International Exchange - Double Degree


Otherwise, this page regards all the new students (except for exchange program above):


Step 1: Paying CVEC


Step 2: Gathering files

To access details on the required files, click here


Step 3: Online pre-registration on Coriandre from July 8 to 27 and from August 24 to 31, 2021

You will receive an email in early July regarding your pre-registration.

You will need to use your candidate number as your login and your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yyyy to log in and start your pre-registration.




  1. Fill in the blank and check the pre-filled information (Here is the Coriandre Guide that can help you filling in each tab.) Click here CORIANDRE GUIDE, or CORIANDE GUIDE Norginsa, Enginsa, Asinsa, Iberinsa
  2. Submit your documents on the website.


You will NOT receive an email that confirms your online pre-registration.


Each file will be checked. This validation may take several days or weeks (the service will be closed during the 3 first weeks of August).
You will be contacted by email if there are any problems with your file (missing documents, invalid or erroneous documents).

Please do not send any mail regarding your registration before the beginning of September in order to avoid the saturation of our mailboxes.


Step 4: Payment

You will receive an email inviting you to pay your tuition fees online once your file is validated.
You will have the possibility to pay in 1 or 3 times by credit card.


Your school certificate will be available online as soon as payment is made.


For CROUS scholarship holders : after receiving the email indicating the validation of your file, you will be able to download your schooling certificate directly on the application.


Step 5: ELAO test and math test*

ELAO Test (only for new students in 1, 2, 3 and 4th year)

You will receive an email july 22,2021 in order to do compulsory language tests online, between July 22, 2021 to August 01, 2021. More information here


Math Test (only for new students in 1st year)

You will receive an email july 22,2021 in order to do a compulsory math test online, between July 22, 2021 to August 01, 2021.


(In case of technical problem, contact: berard @ insa-toulouse.fr)


Step 6: Start of the academic year/Information

Dates and place of the start of the academic year... PLEASE CLICK HERE


Information Importantes

  • You must already have submitted your documents on the Coriandre website and validated your online pre-registration before September 2nd

  • You will be informed on how to obtain your student card afterwards.

  • The activation of your computer account must be done once your registration  is complete ; more information

  • Once you are registered as astudent: PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO AFILIATE TO French Social Security