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Advanced Master on Innovative and secure IoT systems

A multidisciplinary course focused on Internet of Things development

The transversal multidisciplinary advanced master « Innovative and Secure IoT Systems » (MSIoT), aims the establishment of a training, during one year, to train an engineer or postgraduate students able to innovate, that is to say able to offer, design, produce, distribute and market a "smart system based on connected objects" starting from the component to the business application taking into account the societal aspects.


MSIoT contains trainings on: smart devices, communication, middleware and service, analysis and data processing, security and options to explore startup creation, e-health and factory of the future.


Innovative organisation scheme for students from different fields

  • Make them progress in their main field but also in the related ones.
  • Modules made up of courses and practical lab classes on research results related to Internet of Things used in the industry or being industrialized.
  • Keynotes by well known academy and industry players in the technical field as well as in the field of innovation and international business.
  • Participation in international events such as a Hackathon, switchup challenge with industry leaders.
  • A interdisciplinary project allowing each student to deepen their points of interest for an industrial problem or local authorities :
    - Common international projects with students in different universities around the world
    - Joined coach by researchers and industry members in their innovative project.
  • A catalogue of SPOC funded by the University of Toulouse allows our students to choose some extra teaching.



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