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How to verify the authenticity of a diploma

Click on the link below which will drive you to the Prooftag website dedicated to verification.



Since September 2005, all INSA diplomas can be authenticated  and since 2018, directly on our website.


Why check the authenticity of diplomas?

Due to the presence of advanced and cheap scanning and printing technologies, the forgery

of academic certificates has increased, therefore, document verification is very important to assure that the diploma is official.


What is Prooftag?

Prooftag is a security seal and electronic tag found on INSA’s diplomas.


Does each diploma have a unique identity code?

Each Prooftag seal contains a unique code that acts as an electronic birth certificate.

By scanning the Prooftag you will be able to verifiy if the INSA diploma is official.

Since 2018, more information is provided: last name, first name, date of birth, majors

in both master's degree (Ingénieur and Master) and doctor's degree.


How do I authenticate a diploma?

Simply click on the link below which will drive you to the Prooftag page where you can enter the unique code indicated on the prooftag. This will allow you to view the information of the graduate’s diploma.