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Practically 100% of  INSA Toulouse students find employment within the first six months after graduating.


The engineering course includes 36 weeks of compulsory internships, enabling companies to train students, their future employees, competent in their field.

Cooperative education

Some students in civil engineering, and soon in mechanical and urban engineering, become engineering graduates through apprenticeship, alternating periods of academic courses and training in a company.

Attentive to their needs, the« business relations » officer accompanies companies in their search for trainees, employees and apprentices.

Alumni association

INSA Toulouse works closely with the alumni association, the Association des Ingénieurs de l’INSA de Toulouse (AIIT) on social and professional issues. Companies may contact the AIIT with their joboffers for engineers all along their career or to become part of a dynamic networkof engineers in a specific field.