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Disabilities: welcoming and assisting students with disabilities

  • The Disability Center

In the heart of the campus, close to the offices of Vie étudiante, INSA Toulouse has created a Disability Center in charge of welcoming any and all students with disabilities. The Center currently assists about 60 INSA students, to whom it offers customized and flexible solutions, the implementation of measures to support their career development, and physical accommodations for the day-to-day life on campus, all aimed at guaranteeing equal chances of success for all students.


The Disability Center works as a multidisciplinary team (teaching staff, chief academic officers, healthcare and social services, multimedia engineers, etc.), approaching each situation individually in order to define all the elements of support.

The Disability Center is always attentive to the needs of each student.


A physician from SIMPPS appointed by the CDAPH (Commission for the Rights and Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities) provides medical consultations at the INSA infirmary and prescribes academic accommodations.

  • Contact at the Disability Center / Vie étudiante service

Véronique Torregrossa

Phone: 05 61 55 95 08 / 95 97

handiaccueil @ insa-toulouse.fr


  • Support from the INSA Foundation

Since its creation, the INSA Toulouse Foundation has been a bearer of the humanist values of diversity, inclusiveness and solidarity that the Institute strives to instill in its engineers-students. This is why its primary mission is to provide assistance to students.

The INSA Toulouse Foundation assists and supports the Disability Center, most notably by financing teaching materials, translating lessons into sign language, etc. Through the Foundation, INSA Toulouse partnered with CGI and SII to oversee the creation of the Disability and Diversity Chair in 2014. The core mission of the Disability and Diversity Chair is to promote solidarity, equal opportunity and diversity. This goal is brought about by facilitating access to higher education for students with disabilities, assisting them throughout their studies, encouraging diversity within the institute, and developing a new outlook on disability.

Every year, the Foundation promotes disability awareness initiatives within the INSA community.

The Foundation has supported the creation of a new glossary in French Sign Language for expressing specific concepts of Civil Engineering.


  • Atouts pour tous: The Advantages for All Agreement

Seeking to promote the training and professional integration of young individuals with disabilities, INSA Toulouse became a member of the Atouts pour tous” Agreement, signed by the Federal University of Toulouse, the Board of education, and major industrial groups from the Toulouse region.

Each year, funding provided by the Agreement supports INSA Toulouse's disability assistance efforts.


  • The commitment of INSA in supporting the career continuity of students with disabilities towards higher education.
    • The “Ô Talents” tutoring program from INSA assists middle and high school students with disabilities as part of a weekly tutoring session provided by INSA students on campus. It also offers cultural trips and training modules aimed at boosting the self-confidence and academic ambition of each student.
      Contactedc @ insa-toulouse.fr


  • In partnership with the University of Toulouse and the Board of education of the Academy of Toulouse, INSA takes an active role each year in different outreach activities aimed at high school students with disabilities: the INFOSUP booth, the conference “Higher education and disability: It's possible!”, etc.