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For any educational issue, please contact the Department Coordinators:

Département Sciences et Technologies Pour l'Ingénieur (2nd and 3rd year of Engineering)

  • Pre-specialization "Construction Engineering": Michel CHAUSSUMIER (chaussum @ insa-toulouse.fr) (Mechanical Engineering orientation), Aurélie PAPON (Aurelie.Papon @ insa-toulouse.fr) (Civil Engineering & Urbanism orientation - incoming) and Ariane ABOU CHAKRA (abouchak @ insa-toulouse.fr) (Civil Engineering & Urbanism orientation - outgoing)
  • Pre-specialization "Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering": Claude MARANGES (claude.maranges @ insa-toulouse.fr) (Biological Engineering orientation) and Sandrine ALFENORE (sandrine.alfenore @ insa-toulouse.fr) (Chemical Enginnering and Environment orientation)
  • Pre-specialization "Material devices and systems engineering": Guillaume AURIOL (guillaume.auriol @ insa-toulouse.fr)(Applied Physics and Automatic-Electronics orientations)
  • Pre-specialization "Modelling, informatics and communication": Stéphane GENIEYS (genieys @ insa-toulouse.fr) (Computer and networks engineering, Applied Mathematics orientation)


Departments of specialization (4th and 5th year of Engineering)

  • Department of Biochemical Engineering  Didier COMBES (Didier.Combes @ insa-toulouse.fr)
  • Department of Civil Engineering: Ariane ABOU CHAKRA (abouchak @ insa-toulouse.fr) (outgoing) and Aurélie PAPON (aurelie.papon @ insa-toulouse.fr) (incoming)
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering  (Automatic Control/Electronics, Computer/Networks) : Éric ALATA (ealata @ laas.fr)
  • Department of Mathematics and Modelling Engineering (Applied Mathematics): Jérôme MONNIER (jerome.monnier @ insa-toulouse.fr)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering : Stéphane COLIN (stephane.colin @ insa-toulouse.fr) (outgoing)/ Michel CHAUSSUMIER (michel.chaussumier @ insa-toulouse.fr) (incoming)
  • Department of Physics Engineering : Andrea BALOCCHI (andrea.balocchi @ insa-toulouse.fr)
  • Department of Process Engineering (French website): Etienne PAUL (Etienne.Paul @ insa-toulouse.fr) and Dominique BASTOUL (bastoul @ insa-toulouse.fr)


Humanities center

  • International coordinator : Laure FABRE (laure.fabre @ insa-toulouse.fr)
  • French language (FLE): Philippe FIORE (philippe.fiore @ insa-toulouse.fr)
  • Sports: Sylvie ROSSARD (rossard @ insa-toulouse.fr)


Foreign students association BEE:

BEE Facebook page

Contact: bee @ amicale-insat.fr