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French language courses

French Language courses (FLE) are organized for foreign non-French-speaking students enrolled at INSA Toulouse.

Our foreign students are offered two types of courses:


Two-hour classes per week (for Exchange students & DD students)

At INSA, classes of French Language take place every Thursday afternoon: revision, development of oral skills (presentations, discussions around news articles or articles on France and French culture), development of writing skills.


2018-2019 fees for exchange students: 60 euros per semester.


This course gives credits to exchange students.


Intensive French courses with INP-ENSEEIHT in August

The FLE (French as a Foreign Language) Summer School is co-organized by INP Toulouse and INSA Toulouse under the Toulouse Tech Banner.


This program aims to prepare exchange students for the French academic style as well as the various cultural differences they may encounter during their stay with us.


It reinforces conversational French as well as teaching specific French vocabulary useful to all engineers for a better understanding of the classes, scientific practical work and techniques.


The teaching method is interactive and uses various materials, both general and scientific. The FLE Summer School ends with a technical and scientific presentation.


During the Summer School, students will have the opportunity to visit historical, industrial and scientific sites in Toulouse and the surrounding region.


We will send you all the necessary information to facilitate your arrival in Toulouse.


For more information on fees please visit: http://www.enseeiht.fr/fr/actualites/summer-school-2018.html