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The laboratories

Each engineering specialization is supported by one or several research laboratories allowing students, if they wish, to prepare a PhD. PhD students and researchers at INSA work in 8 laboratories in INSA.

INSA or INSA/UPS laboratories (situated on the INSA campus)

Key words : clean technologies, sustainable development, water treatment.

Key words : Quantum optoelectronics, nanostructures and nanoparticle magnetism

Key words : mechanical systems and assembling, macro and micro systems

Key words : innovative materials, ecomaterials, useful life of materials and works

Joint laboratories

Key words : Markov process, probabilities, limit theorems in statistics, fluid mechanics, transport phenomena, propagation

Key words : magnetic fields, electric and optical transport

CNRS laboratories

Key words : computer systems, robots and autonomous systems, micro and nano systems

Key words : modelling, nanosciences and nanotechnologies, nanomachines