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Transfer and Promotion

The promotion of research is one of INSA’s main missions. Scientific publications and the organization of congresses is one way of doing this. Another is the transfer of innovative technology developed by the research laboratories.


All the INSA laboratories are involved in this transfer. Or the Centres Régionaux d’Innovation et de Transfert de Technologies (CRITT) linked with some INSA laboratories :

  • CRITT Bioindustries Technological Resource Centre, linked with the Biosystems and Process Engineering Laboratory
  • CRITT Mécaniques et Composites linked with Mechanical Engineering Laboratory of Toulouse


The Centre Gilbert Durand brings together, around the Department of Bioengineering and the  Laboratoire Biotechnologie Bioprocédés, the CRITT Bioindustries and a scientific and technological park which welcomes innovating young companies.


The Toulouse sector of the Centre Technique d’Industries Mécaniques – CETIM – is situated in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in INSA.


INSA is a founder member of the Incubateur d’Entreprises Midi – Pyrénées.