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Student life

Enjoy life on campus, in the heart of a top level science complex

The school is located in Toulouse, more precisely in Rangueil, a large campus dedicated to scientific research and education. Toulouse is the second biggest student city in France. It only takes 15 minutes by metro to reach the main place of Toulouse, the Place du Capitole, which represent the very centre of the “pink city”.

Enjoying a 20ha lively campus, INSA Toulouse is at the heart of a privileged environment thanks to its proximity with the Canal du Midi, which connects the Garonne river to the Mediterranean Sea, and provides a good place to study. Indeed, students can cycle along the Canal to reach the city centre and enjoy a peaceful and natural environment in a vibrant city, in only half an hour.


The campus also provides many facilities such as accommodation in safe small-rise buildings, restaurant services and sport and leisure facilities, adapted to high level athletes and musicians. Indeed, the school encourages its students to develop their gifts and talents that is why it offers an educational path adapted to high level musicians, dancers and athletes. Cultural initiative and responsible community projects are highly encouraged.


The student hall, called Maison des Elèves, often hosts student parties and lots of conferences, concerts and shows are organized throughout the year in amphitheatres.


The campus offers lots of quality sport facilities, such as large soccer and rugby fields, a tennis court, a gymnasium, a dance studio, a dojo and a weights room. Access to these facilities is totally free.


Safety is one of the priority for INSA Toulouse, this is why a watchman is permanently on campus. A doctor, a nurse and a social worker are also available for students. You can get more information about welfare services on this page.


Moreover, INSA Toulouse is well known for its campus full of student associations and its cultural life. There is also a central library, called Bib’INSA, where students and staff can use plenty of resources for their research and studies.