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Culture and leisure at INSA Toulouse

Campus facilities

Life at INSA is very rich thanks to the many clubs and associations which allow students and staff to take part in a variety of humanitarian, sports, economic or cultural activities.

The student associations and clubs create a friendly atmosphere on the campus and organize important events.


Amicale des Élèves

The Amicale des Elèves is an association that manages clubs and associations at INSA. Its mission is to promote cultural activities, sports and musical events, such as concerts, students parties, cultural day trip, etc. It is in charge of organizing the Welcome Week, especially designed for new Insaïens (INSA students’ nickname). Every year it manages around 40 clubs and brings together more students during important events, including between inter-INSA events, which gather students from the other five INSA schools. You can find a list of clubs and association on its website.

  • Visit the Amicale website
  • Contact: amicale @ etud.insa-toulouse.fr
  • Phone number: (+33)



This association may be very useful for you as a foreign student. In fact, this student association helps new foreign students to settle in Toulouse and to be integrated in INSA Toulouse life.

Please, feel free to contact them.

  • Visit the BEE Facebook page
  • Contact: bee @ amicale-insat.fr


La Junior INSA Services (JIS)

The JIS is a Junior Company, which vocation is to carry out studies for the industry. INSA subsidises student clubs and every year, student projects are chosen in December by the Conseil des Etudes. « Opération mains propres » in Senegal, « Coupe Robot E=m6 », « Tour de France à la voile », are some example of projects. The Junior INSA Service also organizes events that aim to bring together both students ans staff, during the INSA week and the graduation ceremony for example.

  • Visit the JIS website
  • Contact: jis @ etud.insa-toulouse.fr


Association Sportive

Managed by several students, the “Association Sportive” -the sport association- aims to develop each sport section and organize events that gather everybody. This association is linked to the Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire, which allows its members to take part in competitions.

INSA Toulouse offers a lot of facilities: a rugby and soccer synthetic field, a basketball/handball out-door field, two tennis courts, a modern and fully-equipped gymnasium, a weights room and a dojo.

Around 700 members (30% of the students) practise more than 40 individual and collective sports, in competition or just as a leisure, all levels are represented.  Indeed, some students are high-level athletes. For instance the AS is  composed of five rugby teams and four football teams and has won several titles during individual and collective French competitions.

This association has been designed to cope with the educational programme and allows students to develop sport culture at INSA Toulouse. They can choose to practise any of the 20 sports organized by the Sport Association. But most important, as INSA Toulouse is one of the most sporty Engineering schools, the AS is a friendly association deeply fixed in the INSA spirit.


  • Visit the AS website
  • Contact: sduge @ etud.insa-toulouse.fr


Cultural activities

Numerous activities are organized each year by the student clubs, staff and Culture Commission, created in November 1998 to “organize, manage and coordinate cultural activities".

Here are some of the main activities currently proposed:

  • Les Mardis de l’INSA: conferences on different cultural themes
  • Les Petits Concerts du Mardi: concerts performed by students from the Music Section
  • INS’Arts: a show combining dance, poetry and music, created and performed by INSA students and staff
  • Welcoming artists: each year, theatre companies are invited by the Culture Commission.
  • Photography exhibitions
  • Forum for cultural institutions: every year in September, cultural institutions present their programmes to INSA staff and students
  • International Week: a week of activities to acquaint everyone with the culture of the countries of our foreign students